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In an effort to reintroduce soul and handcraft into the process of type-making, I have developed an experimental typography workshop where attendees create typography made from found objects. The main objective of this experience is to cultivate the ability to see typography in unusual forms.

Specifics covered:
> Tips on how to choose & use forms to discover the most interesting letter shapes
> How to take the best letters and then proceed to develop an alphabet
> The importance of PROCESS over PRODUCT, hand vs. computer, the element of chance, and how to embrace it

> 2009 DSVC National Student Show and Conference, Dallas, Texas
> 2008 DSVC National Student Show and Conference, Dallas, Texas
> 2005 ATypI Conference, Helsinki, Finland



Attendees learn how to overcome creative blocks with short-term tools such as non-traditional brainstorming techniques, and long-term tools such as lucid dreaming and exercises which stimulate cognitive growth.

I borrowed from my own professional and academic experience to craft this session. Specifics covered:
> What causes creative blocks, and identifying which cause (of 4) is affecting you
> Each cause is addressed with the solutions that best fit that cause
> Short-term mental breaks (i.e. changing location, changing tools)
> Long-term mental breaks (i.e. journaling, idea walls, culture banks, lucid dreaming)
> Hands-on experience with “interval training” - speedy, 3 minute creative sessions.
> Ways to stimulate cognitive growth /fire more synapses by PURPOSEFUL choices

> 2007/8/9/11/13 FACTS Lecture Series, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
> 2006/14 DSVC National Student Show and Conference, Dallas, TX
> 2006 Trade and Industrial Education Professional Development Conference,
Corpus Christi, TX




The purpose of this workshop is to practice quick-fire problem solving in an intensive yet supportive atmosphere. In a two- hour session, a minimum of 8 assignments are tackled: verbal, visual and combinations of word + image are approached in 3-5 minute blocks with short follow-up critiques. Much like a marathon runner might do speed workouts at the track — this session gives graphic designers opportunities to improve their ability to think on their feet.

Specifics covered:
> Each assignment is prefaced with a demo of a specific ideation process
> Writing to a visual
> Forced connections
> Making a social statement with word + found image
> Visual solutions without words
> Multiple quick critiques for instant learning gratification
> Handouts with additional assignments so attendees can pursue more DESIGN CLASH experimentation on their own.

> 2013 FATE National Conference, Savannah, GA (I presented about this workshop, not the workshop itself.)